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"Creating art through jewelry"

Luxury by RENNER is dedicated to the creation of exquisite one of a kind jewelry pieces using ethically sourced precious gems, diamonds, and gold. All fine jewelry pieces have been designed to bring out the stunning beauty of colored gems.

My Story

My name is Michelle RENNER and I am the owner, gemologist,

and designer for Luxury by RENNER. 

I started my company in 2019 during a work trip overseas to the middle east. When visiting a local bazaar and I saw so many beautiful stones, I picked up a couple from the locals and brought them home. With these stones I made two rings for myself. The experience of buying gems and designing a unique piece so fun I decided to pursue an education at the Gemological Institute of America to learn about this trade. I wanted to continue to design and showing off my “adult arts and crafts” with my friends. 

Around this time, Jordan a close friend, saw my work and asked if I would make him an engagement ring. I was FLOORED. Is someone really asking ME to be part of such an amazing and intimate experience? I was so nervous. I wanted to give Jordan a unique experience and offer him the opportunity to really be involved in the process of building HIS ring. 

Jordan and I worked through sourcing, designing, and eventually manufacturing his salt & pepper diamond engagement ring. I was so blessed to be part of this experience, I had to keep designing for others. 

After my first engagement ring I spent some time at the Gemological Institute of America in NYC continuing my Gemology studies. Before I knew it, I was creating a business that I LOVED. 

Over time, I became intimately familiar with the supply chain of gems. I dove into understanding where stones come from but more importantly, the humanity that surrounds this gem world. Through RENNER I endeavor to create art through jewelry but also create a human connection and experience between miners, cutters, and the customer. 

Thank you so much for choosing RENNER. You are not only choosing me as your designer but you’re also taking an active step towards improving the lives and human experience of EVERYONE along the gem supply chain.

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