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The perfect engagement ring for you

Engagement is an agreement to get married. Engagement is a thing of joy and happiness. However, the promise of marriage is not the only thing that brings joy in an engagement, the size of the stone that accompanies this promise takes up a sizeable percentage of the joy.

Getting the perfect engagement ring can be stressful, and no matter how beautiful a ring looks, some people may not find it beautiful enough for their engagement hence the need to customize something of their own. When looking to customize your stone, Renner custom engagement rings have got you covered.

Renner is regarded as one of the best in the games because of the pinpoint accuracy employed in actualizing clients' dreams. There are lots of custom jewelry designs by Renner, as they do not focus on engagement rings alone. Renner is your go-to guy when looking to get jewelry for your loved ones.

The perfect engagement ring

Everyone wants their weddings and engagement to be perfect. Which means a lot of energy goes into planning and obtaining rings. Getting the perfect engagement ring to crown your perfect day will be tedious if you don't follow these steps;

Know the shape you want

Shape is everything when it comes to getting the perfect engagement ring. The way the ring sits on your finger and compliments your skin is very important. And for this to be possible, the shape has to be in sync with your body. Also, the shape of your ring can help call the right attention to the stone the ring is endowed with.

Choose the right band

Before picking out your ring, you should look at various options. Customizing is the best way of getting the perfect engagement ring, as it allows you to bring your ideas to life. When customizing, picking the right metal for the band is very important as it can determine the amount of attention your ring gets.

Carat Size

Having a carat size in mind will go a long way in helping you pick the right engagement ring. For someone going for the idea of quality over quantity, then you should go for a carat size that is as high as you can afford.

Get measured

You do not want your ring to be smaller or larger than your ring finger; hence you must get your finger measured correctly.


Engagement rings should be perfect, hence when getting your ring you should leave no stone unturned.

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