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The Tanzanite gemstone is a relatively new discovery in the world of gemstones, having been first found in the Merelani Hills of Tanzania in 1967. Its rarity is due to the fact that it is only found in one specific location in the world, making it one of the rarest gemstones on earth.


Initially, Tanzanite was not recognized as a significant gemstone, but it quickly gained popularity due to its unique and mesmerizing blue-violet color, which changes with different lighting conditions. It was named after Tanzania, the country where it was first discovered.


Despite its stunning beauty, Tanzanite remains a very rare gemstone, and its supply is limited. The rarity of Tanzanite is attributed to the fact that it is only found in a small, remote area in Tanzania, which makes it difficult and expensive to mine.


As a result of its rarity, Tanzanite is highly valued in the world of gemstones, and it has become a popular choice for engagement rings, earrings, and other types of jewelry. It is also said to possess mystical and healing properties, making it a highly sought-after gemstone for those seeking more than just a beautiful piece of jewelry.


The history of Tanzanite is short but impressive. Its rarity, unique color, and mystical properties have made it a highly prized gemstone among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts alike.


9.17ct Tanzanite Ring

  • GIA Certified AAA Tanzanite set in platinum accompanied by  56 round brilliant cut white diamonds.


    Gemestone: Natural Tanzanite

    GIA Report Number: 2205861013

    Shape: Brilliant Cut

    Weight: 9.17ct

    Dimensions: 12.09 x 11.93 x 7.17mm

    Primary Color: Blue

    Secondary Color: Violet

    Symmetry: Very Good


    Accompanied Stones: Natural Diamonds

    Shape: Round Brilliant

    Quantity: 56

    Total Weight: 0.88ct

    Color: G-H

    Clarity: VS1 / VS2

    Symmetry: Very Good


    Metal: Platinum

    Condition: New

    Finish: High Polish

    Manufacturing Method: Cast + hand made

    Makers Mark: RENNER

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